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We have reached our registration maximum for the kindergarten-2nd grade cohort. 3rd-6th graders are still invited to register. 
We decided to cap registration for each cohort at 20 students due to the logistics of running outdoor COVID-safe programming. In future years we hope to have capacity for more students and more classes. To be added to the waitlist, please email Liora at

About the program

The Education Program will emphasize living the rhythms of Jewish life, connecting to the NSP community, and taking action for justice by linking Jewish principles to applied experiences. Classes will often meet outside the classroom in other community locations (in accordance with NSP’s Covid-19 protocols) to show how Jewish practice can be applied to the world at large or inside the home. 

In honor of Shmita, the biblical sabbatical cycle, the 2021-22 curriculum will focus on renewal, the Creation story, and Shabbat practice. We will ground our lessons in six buckets of content which will explore this focus in depth and be guided by the following goals and understandings.

Caregivers and community members are invited to be involved the Education Program as participants, volunteers, or leaders. Some programs will be geared directly at educating the entire family unit with the aim of supporting home-based practice and learning. Community members and NSP teams will be invited to support and enrich thematic learning, with the goal of integrating the education program into the greater NSP community.

We will meet primarily on Saturday mornings between 9:30am and 1:30pm, with field trips approximately once a month on Sundays (schedule forthcoming). Classes will be split by age, based on registration numbers. We will likely have a kindergarten to 2nd grade cohort, and a 3rd to 6th grade cohort. During most weeks, we expect the older cohort to meet for approximately one and a half hours, and the younger cohort for one hour. Sometimes, the entire group will be together for a field trip or extended activity. We will confirm these details when registration closes.

Registration Process

Participation in the program is contingent on membership at NSP. You can learn more about membership and join here or speak with a leader of NSP’s membership team by e-mailing

The Education Program will be geared toward rising kindergarteners (children 5+) through 6th grade, and will not have capacity this year for pre-k to participate in regular classes.

Please fill out this form by Monday, September 20th to register for the 2021-2022 Kids' Education Program, and read on about safety and access instructions and agreements. Registration will be capped at 40 students this school year.

If you have any questions about the program or would like to learn more, please email Liora, the Education Director, at
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Caregivers and community members are invited to be involved the Education Program as participants, volunteers, or leaders. Some programs will be geared directly at educating the entire family unit with the aim of supporting home-based practice and learning. Community members and NSP teams will be invited to support and enrich thematic learning, with the goal of integrating the education program into the greater NSP community.

All participating families and volunteers will receive a copy of NSP's new Kids' Programming Volunteer Guidelines prior to the start of the school year.
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Safety and Privacy

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NSP Covid-19 Event Protocol Agreements:
We want programming to be available to as many congregants as possible, while maintaining our commitment to pikuah nefesh, safeguarding life, as a central value: “We hold that to save one member of our community is to save and preserve the entire community of NSP and beyond.” In pursuit of keeping each other as safe as possible, attendees to NSP in-person programming must adhere to the following safety guidelines.

1. Attendees over 3 years old must wear a mask. Acceptable face coverings include: 2-layer cotton, surgical, or KN95 masks without a vent; unacceptable face coverings include: gaiters, bandanas, or similar. Masks must cover the nose and mouth entirely and be on for the duration of the event (exception when eating or drinking, see below)

2. Members may not attend if they currently have any common symptoms of Covid-19, including cough, sneezing, fever, chills, or nausea

3. Members may not attend if they are waiting on the result of a Covid-19 test or have been exposed to someone with Covid-19 in the last 14 days

4. Pods must maintain a 6-foot distance from others at all events, regardless of vaccination status

5. Masks must be worn while serving food. When eating or drinking, ensure you are sitting with your pod with atleast 6 feet between people outside of your pod.
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NSP Covid-19 Vaccination Considerations:
All current NSP staff members are vaccinated for Covid-19. New Synagogue Project leadership is discussing the possibility of requiring proof of vaccination for Covid-19 for both volunteers and children attending the program once vaccines become available for school-age children. We may consider medical exemptions and request documentation from your child(ren)'s primary care physician. We will update registered families later in the year.
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Liability Waiver:

I grant permission for my child to attend New Synagogue Project’s Education Program and to participate in all activities for the grade in which they are enrolled, including online remote learning via Zoom or other platforms. I release New Synagogue Project (NSP) and its officers, employees, agents and volunteers from any liability arising out of my child's participation in its Education Program. I hereby give permission to the NSP staff to seek emergency medical treatment for my child if they deem it necessary. I agree to the release of any records necessary for insurance purposes. I give permission to the NSP staff to arrange necessary related transportation. In the event that I cannot be reached in an emergency, I hereby give permission to the physician/health care provider selected by the NSP staff to secure and administer treatment, including hospitalization, for my child. I give permission to any health care provider, such as a hospital or physician, to share my child’s medical information with the NSP staff, for treatment purposes.  I hereby release NSP and all of its employees, agents, officers and volunteers from any liability whatsoever, including but not limited to liability for personal injury arising out of or connected with my child’s health or medical condition or any acts or omissions by NSP or its employees, agents, officers and volunteers relating to my child’s health or medical condition, including but not limited to any acts or omissions relating to the administration of medication or other treatment.  


Shabbat Considerations
Shabbat is a time for resting and learning, leisure and pleasure. It is also a time to be present in the world and with one another in a sacred way, different from the rest of the week. Shabbat is central to our community life. NSP observes Shabbat as sacred.

At the same time, in NSP spaces, we do not observe all of the prohibitions around Shabbat found in classical halacha (Jewish law). We expect and respect that individuals and households will decide for themselves how they will observe Shabbat in their homes.

In practice, this means that our education program will honor Shabbat as a holy time dedicated to joy, community, spiritual growth, prayer, Torah, and reflection. Teachers, NSP staff, volunteers, and service leaders will generally refrain from activities on  phones and computers that often pull us away from the present moment and the people in front of us, including work communications and commercial activity. We will not be actively enforcing this practice with parents and other members of the community. 
If there is anything outside of this policy that we expect to happen during Shabbat, staff will be in touch with parents in advance.

We welcome:

-Singing, praying and dancing
-Studying Torah, reading, and relaxing
-Crafting activities
-Cooking and food preparation
-Musical instruments

We will avoid:

-Screens or use of devices except for use as accessibility devices, playing music, to livestream event, or amplify class or services.
-Photography, video, and audio recording on Shabbat.

-NSP business communications on Shabbat, except in cases when it is necessary to communicate with parents and members, for example: medical emergencies and last minute class cancelations. 
-Commercial activity on Shabbat, including fundraising or paid entertainment. (This does not include paying teachers, service leaders, or others for their services in leading Shabbat activities.)

We will do our best to accomodate the needs of students who have personal or family Shabbat observance practices that differ from this policy.

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We plan to begin the year meeting in-person in outdoor locations near Petworth with nearby bathrooms, such as Mosaic Church of the Nazarene, Faith United Church of Christ, and Rock Creek Park. We will try our best to both keep meetings Covid-safe and meet the accessibility needs of registered families, but due to the availability of outdoor locations, the results may not be perfect. NSP's leadership will continue to evaluate these decisions.
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Tuition Payment Scale

Tuition is $800 per child, and $600 per additional child in a family, for those who can afford to pay that amount. Those who cannot afford full tuition are asked to pay an amount that is affordable and meaningful to you - $0, $200, $400, or $600. Those who can afford to pay more are encouraged to make an additional contribution to help keep the program accessible to all regardless of means.

We are committed to a set of shared values that are embedded in the everyday practices and structures of our community, including justice, equity and liberation. Access to the community and its programs regardless of financial means is core to our mission and values. 

The total cost of this program is estimated at about $60,000. Our budget is based on an estimated tuition payment of $800/child. We expect tuition to cover roughly 1/3rd of the total cost of this program, and have raised seed gifts from NSP members to launch the program. This is our pilot year, and we will evaluate the suggested tuition scale at the end of the year.



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